I’m just saying…COTY

So, posting lately has been challenging as I have a new little one.  I keep reading how writing regularly is essential to improving.  I write frequently for my profession, however, drafting documents and memoranda aren’t really the same as putting together interesting blog posts.  In order to try and write more regularly and hopefully churn out some decent content on this site (and create a diary of my own thoughts), I am going to start writing “I’m just saying” posts on like a weekly basis.  For this one, I thought I would quickly run down an investment and briefly state why I am long.   Continue reading “I’m just saying…COTY”

Resource Roundup: Multpl.com and some thoughts inspired by Buffett

Warren Buffett recently appeared on CNBC to announced the elevation of Ajit Jain and Greg Abel, both to vice chairmen of Berkshire Hathaway, setting them up as potential successors in the event of his eventual retirement.  His appearance was interesting as always (with the exception of the awkward responses to the ideologically laced banter from Kernen).  But the most interesting point to me, was his discussion of bonds.   Continue reading “Resource Roundup: Multpl.com and some thoughts inspired by Buffett”