You knew that title was coming, didn’t you?  It’s time for me to highlight another interesting podcast.  [I wanted to get this out, so I can follow my usual tradition of posting at around 5:00 p.m. on Friday night.  That’s a good technique, right?]

The Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting is this weekend (if you’re unable to attend, Yahoo Finance will be streaming the festivities).  So I thought we would look at some interviews related to the author of a book being featured in the Bookworm this year.

I’m talking, of course, about Jeff Gramm.  Gramm is a money manager and the author of the superbly entertaining (for real) Dear Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism.

If you’ve not read it, you should check it out.  While it covers some of the same ground as another good one I’ve mentioned before I pulled on a thread and found…a book, between you and me, it is organized much better and Gramm’s story telling really keeps the pace moving.  It was quite the page turner, and I really don’t think that feeling is limited to guys who go by the nom de guerre, “CorpRaider.”

Gramm tweeted that he’s going to be at the Bookworm floor display and around Omaha signing some books thusly:

By the way, he’s a good follow on Twitter.  If you are headed out to Omaha, maybe you can get his signature on a copy of the book.

Now to the pods.  Gramm appeared on a few podcasts around the time he was doing publicity for the book.

Let us start at the beginning with Gramm’s appearance on the very first episode of Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s, Invest Like the Best:

As always, Patrick conducted an A+ interview.

Next, let’s mention Barry Ritholz’s Masters in Business. This one is interesting, among other reasons, because they got into his childhood (he’s the son of Senator Phil Gramm of Texas). It’s also good because Ritholz goes on for a long time and you get a nice “meaty” interview.  You can find this pod in a number of places (although, I think some are behind the new Bloomberg paywall), but for your convenience, dear reader, I have embedded the sound cloud version below:

Finally, Jacob Taylor publishes a video program called 5 Good Questions.  It’s a pretty neat series and you should check it out.  Anyway, he had Gramm on back in 2016:

Ok, that’s a wrap.  Unless something intercedes, next time I plan to write about an interesting episode of the How I Built This podcast and maybe highlight a small business opportunity (or a source of demand for we retail landlords).

Thanks for reading.