Media Curation – Baby Buffett Book

I have been reading, watching, and listening to a fair amount of finance media lately. But for this post we’re going to go back in time a bit, because I want to make sure this one did not escape our attention.  It is also topical for an investment I am currently pondering. Continue reading “Media Curation – Baby Buffett Book”

Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition

This week I am highlighting an interview and a related book for you.  I wanted to go ahead and get it out since it is almost 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and I was afraid someone might read this post if I published at any other time. Continue reading “Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition”

Investing Diary: Macro Trippin’

A little trade war angst has spiced things up a bit in the markets lately.  So…I bought some stuff.  Also, Barron’s had a negative Berkshire article suggesting some dramatic changes for Buffett, complete with recommendations about how to deal with his “cash problem.” Continue reading “Investing Diary: Macro Trippin’”

I’m just saving…May 2018

It is time for the monthly airing of my private financial laundry.  I hope maintaining a journal of my savings will help provide additional motivation and allow me to spot trends.  The theory is that if my savings are not behaving as expected, I will drill down and figure out what happened.   Continue reading “I’m just saving…May 2018”

Media Pin of the Week – More GMO

In this week’s finance media curation post, I am flagging another episode of a podcast we have explored before.  The guest should also be familiar to most of you.  I also indulge in a bit of “macro trippin.”   Continue reading “Media Pin of the Week – More GMO”