Good Things…

This is another in my series of media curation posts.  Hopefully you are enjoying these podcasts and other finance-related content.  This week, I have another new podcast and we venture back into the world of REITs and real estate. Continue reading “Good Things…”

A New(ish) Podcast

I have been finding a lot of great new podcasts and the “classic casts” have been cranking out really strong episodes lately, so I should be set with these curation posts for a while (I was kind of casting about for something to highlight the last couple of weeks).  This week I want to flag a brand new (to me) podcast. Continue reading “A New(ish) Podcast”

I’m Just Saving…June 2018

It is time, yet again, for the monthly airing of my private financial laundry.  My hope is that maintaining a journal of my savings will help provide additional motivation to save and allow me to spot trends.  It will also serve as a record, so that I can look back an analyze trends.  I also try to throw in some personal finance observations with each post.   Continue reading “I’m Just Saving…June 2018”