A New(ish) Podcast

I have been finding a lot of great new podcasts and the “classic casts” have been cranking out really strong episodes lately, so I should be set with these curation posts for a while (I was kind of casting about for something to highlight the last couple of weeks).  This week I want to flag a brand new (to me) podcast.

The podcast is Millionaires Unveiled.  It is a podcast sort of in the tradition of The Millionaire Next Door but in more of a case study/narrative format (versus a statistical summary).  To me, this podcast is more entertaining.

The two hosts are CPAs and they do deep dive interviews with millionaires from all paths.  I’ve only listened to the first four or so episodes and they are on episode 37, but so far it is promising.

Some of the subjects made their money by building (and sometimes selling) businesses, others got there by just saving and investing.  I think there will also be the fair share of real estate gurus [I’ve seen a fair amount of developer (bidness and personal) balance sheets over the course of my career and let’s just say I think they can be…creative].

It has a lot of personal finance content, but they do also ask about the investments and drill down pretty deep on that as well.  In one episode, the subject said he had like 90% of his net worth in one commercial property.  It did seem, however, that he has a pretty good primary business that is throwing off a lot of income to support him, should that building burn to the ground or something (pretty sure he said he didn’t have insurance on the property).

This podcast is a great sort of “walk the dog” podcast.  Some of the podcasts I have previously highlighted can require quite a bit of focus to follow along; especially some of the “quantitative finance” focused ones.  [I’ve got another new one to mention, but it is kind of in this vein, but I want to listen to a few more pods to see if it is likely to cause recurring nosebleeds among my readership before I recommend]

The hosts of Millionaires Unveiled say they intend to do updates with the subjects over time and whatnot, so this should be a good one to subscribe too and just binge from time to time (it’s on Stitcher and iTunes).

Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think.