Einhorn Versus Buffett: a Great and the GOAT on AAPL

David Einhorn recently issued his investor letter for the third quarter, generating media reports concerning the contents.  He reportedly compared Tesla to Lehman Brothers (I recently discussed Tesla here).   He also went on to discuss his decision to liquidate his Apple (“AAPL”) position.  See CNBC story reporting on letter.

Einhorn’s stated reasons for this move, the process and circumstances surrounding this action, as contrasted with those of Buffett’s AAPL investment, led to a couple of observations. Continue reading “Einhorn Versus Buffett: a Great and the GOAT on AAPL”

Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition

This week I am highlighting an interview and a related book for you.  I wanted to go ahead and get it out since it is almost 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and I was afraid someone might read this post if I published at any other time. Continue reading “Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition”

Podcast(s) of the Week

It is time for another podcast of the week.   I took the punishment of listening to lots of mediocre (and some great) pods for you and will now flag one (or a few) for your listening pleasure. Continue reading “Podcast(s) of the Week”

Bet with the GOAT or the goats on AAPL?

The Financial Times Alphaville Blog is a great read and you should consider adding it to your roster. It is not behind a paywall, so check it out (I also subscribe to the FT). Today, Alphaville published The world is overweight Baba, which prompted another thought about Buffett, his opportunity set, and Apple (“AAPL”).  Continue reading “Bet with the GOAT or the goats on AAPL?”