It’s a Good Pod

The podcast I wanted to highlight this time dropped pretty much right after my last podcast recommendation post, but good things come to those who wait, because we are now able to contrast two interviews. Continue reading “It’s a Good Pod”

Podcast(s) of the Week

It is time for another podcast of the week.   I took the punishment of listening to lots of mediocre (and some great) pods for you and will now flag one (or a few) for your listening pleasure. Continue reading “Podcast(s) of the Week”

Foreign Value Factor ETFs Update

Back on November 24, 2017, I published a post entitled Best Foreign Value Factor ETFs. In that post, I looked at several options and attempted to compare and contrast them on the road to picking one for purchase.  Since we just finished up the first quarter of 2018, I though I would take a look at the performance of these options since the prior post. Continue reading “Foreign Value Factor ETFs Update”

Podcast of the Week

I listen to many investing and finance podcasts (I follow around 20). Even a finance nerd like me can become overwhelmed and buried in the abundance of beautiful pods.  It can be a real drag on your time.  So, I am going to start to “dive on the grenade” and provide you, dear reader (or future self), with one podcast per week that may be worth a listen. Continue reading “Podcast of the Week”

Resource Roundup: More CAPE

This is another in my “Resource Roundup” series, highlighting some resources that I hope you will find useful.  Today, we are going to beautiful Newport Beach, California and across the pond to Deutschland to explore some CAPE-tastic things. Continue reading “Resource Roundup: More CAPE”