A Curious New Pod

A week screamed by and I did not get to post.  If you were bothered by this…great!  Also, I apologize.  I have a young kid, a career, and a dog (two, actually) that is literally hitting my leg with his stuffed chicken toy, insisting that I play with him, as I type this.  In between diapers and toy tosses, however, I was able to get through some pods.  Continue reading “A Curious New Pod”

Good Things…

This is another in my series of media curation posts.  Hopefully you are enjoying these podcasts and other finance-related content.  This week, I have another new podcast and we venture back into the world of REITs and real estate. Continue reading “Good Things…”

Media Curation – Baby Buffett Book

I have been reading, watching, and listening to a fair amount of finance media lately. But for this post we’re going to go back in time a bit, because I want to make sure this one did not escape our attention.  It is also topical for an investment I am currently pondering. Continue reading “Media Curation – Baby Buffett Book”

Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition

This week I am highlighting an interview and a related book for you.  I wanted to go ahead and get it out since it is almost 5:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon and I was afraid someone might read this post if I published at any other time. Continue reading “Weekly Media Pin – Double Entendre Edition”