Berkshire Annual Meeting – Musk Nervous Breakdown Edition

The Berkshire Annual Meeting was on Cinco de Mayo.  If you were too busy with Margaritas and/or Mint Juleps, you can watch the recording here.  Yahoo will also slice and dice it into audio only podcasts here (it is also available through other apps and has 2017 up right now).

I’m sure the meeting will be more ably dissected elsewhere.   I did, however, want to quickly make a few observations and stick a pin in a company/industry to look at more closely in the future.

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Conagra Brands Update

I am going to discuss the Conagra Brands (“CAG”) recent (03/22/18) earnings report.  The goal is to force myself to go through the report with a little bit of rigor and to document my assessment of facts (and how they impact my thesis) for future evaluation. Continue reading “Conagra Brands Update”