Reading, Watching, Listening, and Learning: Elon Musk and Bruce Flatt

I have decided to modify the Podcast/Media curation series of posts to focus on resources and media that I want to catalogue here to assemble for our future reference.  I am creating a separate post category for these “Reading, Watching, Listening, and Learning” posts.  Over time, I will pull in my prior posts on podcasts, presentations, articles, and books to help us quickly find the post/links.  This time, I’m going to share a couple of videos and related thoughts, concerning Elon Musk and Bruce Flatt. Continue reading “Reading, Watching, Listening, and Learning: Elon Musk and Bruce Flatt”

The Telsa Tithe

Brothers and sisters, residents of the planet Earth, I come before you today with a convenient rationalization for something you already want to do.  I come to propose to you a way for you to give capital to Elon Musk to fuel his fires of innovation and salvation of the planet and the species, and yes…to build and sell cool shit. Continue reading “The Telsa Tithe”