Merger Monday Comes to my Portfolio

Turned on Bloomberg radio this morning to some decent news.  Gramercy Property Trust (“GPT”) caught a takeover bid from BlackRock at $27.50 per unit.  As I mentioned before, I recently took a position in GPT.  Also, there was a development late last week that might have yielded some additional “tea leaves” concerning Conagra (“CAG”) and Pinnacle Foods (“PF”). Continue reading “Merger Monday Comes to my Portfolio”

Conagra Brands Update

I am going to discuss the Conagra Brands (“CAG”) recent (03/22/18) earnings report.  The goal is to force myself to go through the report with a little bit of rigor and to document my assessment of facts (and how they impact my thesis) for future evaluation. Continue reading “Conagra Brands Update”