A Curious New Pod

A week screamed by and I did not get to post.  If you were bothered by this…great!  Also, I apologize.  I have a young kid, a career, and a dog (two, actually) that is literally hitting my leg with his stuffed chicken toy, insisting that I play with him, as I type this.  In between diapers and toy tosses, however, I was able to get through some pods.  Continue reading “A Curious New Pod”

Bed, Bath & an Abomination?

Bed, Bath & Beyond (“BBBY”) reported earnings on Thursday this past week.  While they “beat consensus estimates” the stock was down around 20% on the day.  More interesting to me is that retail REITs were down around 2% on the day based on the BBBY news.  I am going to take a quick look at BBBY the earnings report (and conference call).  Perhaps more interestingly, we will look at which of the landlords we previously examined has the most BBBY exposure. Continue reading “Bed, Bath & an Abomination?”