A New(ish) Podcast

I have been finding a lot of great new podcasts and the “classic casts” have been cranking out really strong episodes lately, so I should be set with these curation posts for a while (I was kind of casting about for something to highlight the last couple of weeks).  This week I want to flag a brand new (to me) podcast. Continue reading “A New(ish) Podcast”

I’m Just Saving…Personal Finance Diary

Ok so no one commented eager to read about retail REITs, so I’m going to do a personal finance post.  For those of you more interested in posts about investing, “move along, nothing to see here.”  I hope this will not crater my readership, but I thought I would start regular posts (likely monthly) tracking my savings and marketable securities levels.  This will serve a diary for me and hopefully as motivation. Continue reading “I’m Just Saving…Personal Finance Diary”