Resource Roundup: CNBC Buffett Archive

I might be going dark for a while as I fall into the rabbit hole of the CNBC Buffett Archive.  Before I disappear into the nebula of Berkshire Hathaway enlightenment, I wanted to flag it for your attention as it is really a neat resource. Continue reading “Resource Roundup: CNBC Buffett Archive”

Merger Monday Comes to my Portfolio

Turned on Bloomberg radio this morning to some decent news.  Gramercy Property Trust (“GPT”) caught a takeover bid from BlackRock at $27.50 per unit.  As I mentioned before, I recently took a position in GPT.  Also, there was a development late last week that might have yielded some additional “tea leaves” concerning Conagra (“CAG”) and Pinnacle Foods (“PF”). Continue reading “Merger Monday Comes to my Portfolio”


You knew that title was coming, didn’t you?  It’s time for me to highlight another interesting podcast.  [I wanted to get this out, so I can follow my usual tradition of posting at around 5:00 p.m. on Friday night.  That’s a good technique, right?]

The Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting is this weekend (if you’re unable to attend, Yahoo Finance will be streaming the festivities).  So I thought we would look at some interviews related to the author of a book being featured in the Bookworm this year. Continue reading “Pod-tastic!”

The Telsa Tithe

Brothers and sisters, residents of the planet Earth, I come before you today with a convenient rationalization for something you already want to do.  I come to propose to you a way for you to give capital to Elon Musk to fuel his fires of innovation and salvation of the planet and the species, and yes…to build and sell cool shit. Continue reading “The Telsa Tithe”

I’m Just Saying…I Bonds, Earnings, REITs, and CPG Bloodbath.

Some remarks on recent earnings (or non-earnings in the case of REITs) and other items of interest in the news follow. Continue reading “I’m Just Saying…I Bonds, Earnings, REITs, and CPG Bloodbath.”

Netflix, Disney, and Even Stranger Things

In case you were too busy “Netflix and chilling” to notice, Netflix’s (“NFLX”) market cap is essentially equal (Barron’s $) to that of Disney (“DIS”).   NFLX is spending about $3.1 billion more dollars per year than it is able to bring in (“burn”).  DIS is gushing about $10 billion net cash per annum after all of its investments and all of the money that Scrooge McDuck uses to wipe his tail feathers.  I have seen stranger things…but probably not since the year 2000. Continue reading “Netflix, Disney, and Even Stranger Things”

Podcast(s) of the Week

It is time for another podcast of the week.   I took the punishment of listening to lots of mediocre (and some great) pods for you and will now flag one (or a few) for your listening pleasure. Continue reading “Podcast(s) of the Week”

Foreign Value Factor ETFs Update

Back on November 24, 2017, I published a post entitled Best Foreign Value Factor ETFs. In that post, I looked at several options and attempted to compare and contrast them on the road to picking one for purchase.  Since we just finished up the first quarter of 2018, I though I would take a look at the performance of these options since the prior post. Continue reading “Foreign Value Factor ETFs Update”

Bed, Bath & an Abomination?

Bed, Bath & Beyond (“BBBY”) reported earnings on Thursday this past week.  While they “beat consensus estimates” the stock was down around 20% on the day.  More interesting to me is that retail REITs were down around 2% on the day based on the BBBY news.  I am going to take a quick look at BBBY the earnings report (and conference call).  Perhaps more interestingly, we will look at which of the landlords we previously examined has the most BBBY exposure. Continue reading “Bed, Bath & an Abomination?”

For Your Viewing Pleasure: John Malone

Some videos and thoughts about John Malone.

I came across some pretty good/entertaining videos on Youtube about John Malone, of Liberty Global, etc…you know, The Cable Cowboy.  I thought I would share with you and assemble them here for my future reference. Continue reading “For Your Viewing Pleasure: John Malone”