Gone to Cash…

The equity markets have been more turbulent of late.  As I type, most markets outside the U.S. are around 20% off their highs and the U.S. markets are in a ~10% drawdown.  Today, the NASDAQ is off more than 3%, apparently based on earnings reports from Amazon and Alphabet which were not well received.  I am dropping a quick note during this market turbulence to update on a “tactical” move I made in one of my accounts.  I went to cash… Continue reading “Gone to Cash…”

Weekly Media Pin – Grantham on Graham

Time for the weekly finance media pin.  Sorry that I have not been active posting lately, but I told you I might be falling into the web of WEB, and I have done just that.  But I’ve also been consuming podcasts, videos, newspaper articles, and other finance related media. Continue reading “Weekly Media Pin – Grantham on Graham”